Friday, 4 October 2013

This Week was Long it Seemed Like!

It's starting to cool off here a ton. We still only have one guy who we are teaching right now.

This week was long it seemed like. At the first of the week, we had visit with the branch president and his family. He has a Polish wife and two kids. Their kids are pretty crazy. But, the speak English, Polish, and Romanian. We had a nice visit with them. It was mostly to get to know them, since mostly likely Elder V. will be leaving and I'll be staying. Their name is Iepure, which means "rabbit." so that's funny. They are awesome though. They both speak English too. They fed us and we had a spiritual thought and chatted for a bit.

Along with that we've just had lots of contacting going. We handed out a Book of Mormon on Wednesday and talked to a bunch of people. That's basically what the week was, contacting. On Friday though we had an elders quorum activity. We all got together and went out for pizza. It was fun to get with some of the members outside of just Sundays. We also had another lesson on Saturday with our investigator who has the baptismal date. His wife fed us, and we went over what he read in the Book of Mormon.

When the weekend came, we went to church then after, got on the train to Arad. Our zone conference was there yesterday, about a 5 hour trip. The meeting was good, they are always long though. Started at 8:30 and ended at 4, with a lunch in the middle. They broke it up well, and we made it out alive. There weren't any trains to go back yesterday, so we left Arad this morning and got back to Cluj a few hours ago. The meeting was all about how our mission is a finding mission. We don't teach lots of lessons, or baptize lots of people. We just go out and try to find people that will listen. That's basically every day (among meetings, lessons, etc.). That's about it though! Talk to you next week.

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