Friday, 27 July 2012

1st Photos from the MTC

Austin is doing well in the MTC.  He tells us the schedule is very rigorous ("not much time for even a bathroom break!") His companion is Elder Christian Covey (Steven Covey's grandson) from Provo.  There are 9 Elders and 2 Sisters in his District---all scheduled to go to Romania at the same time.  He says the language is difficult, but it's coming along.  Elder Covey took some lessons prior to entering the MTC, so he's a little ahead of the game, but Austin is not discouraged.  He has already written and asked for more of his favorite type of pens because he does so much writing.
There are several of his school/soccer buddies in the MTC right now too (Bryan Nance, Marc Berbert, Elvon Farrell, Bryant Dixon, and Austin Watts to name a few).  He says they eat lunch together when they can find each other.
 Elder Phelps and his companion, Elder Christian Covey
 Romanian Missionary Tag and CTR Ring
 Austin and his district on their first walk to the Provo Temple
 Elder Phelps and friend Elder Bryant Dixon
 Elder Phelps and friend Elder Marc Berbert 
 Elder Phelps and friend Elder Austin Watts
 Elder Phelps and buddy Bryan Nance
Elders Berbert, Nance and Phelps---going to different parts of the world!

He has been out a little over two weeks and is already tired of the food---imagine that!  I'm sure when he gets to Romania, there will be days he will long for the MTC food!  He would love letters and promises to write back!

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Curb Side Delivery...

We recieved a letter from Austin reprimanding us for not having any mail waiting for him, please drop him a note to make up for his slacker family.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Austin is on his way,  first day in the MTC.   7\11\12

Updates to follow.....