Monday, 24 February 2014

Met a Member from Alabama at the Hard Rock Cafe

Feb. 20 Austin wrote:

The week was very busy, as it was transfers. We had 9 new sisters come into the mission and only one elder leave. Now we have sisters in every city, when before, there were only sisters in about half the cities. We were up really early on Wednesday morning to take Elder B. to the airport and didn't get to sleep till really late. It's been a little slower today, we got to sleep a bit and relax. 

On Monday we ate at the Hard Rock cafe with Pres and Elder B. for Elder B's going away. It was funny, while we were there, a guy just came over to our table and asked if he could crash our party. He was speaking English, so we said sure. President Hill started explaining who we were and stuff, then the guy kind of cuts in and says, "I'm a member." Turns out he's from Alabama and works for the missile defense agency (Department of Defense) and he's working on a project here. Really cool guy who travels 150 nights a year and has been all over. He ate with us and we all talked. He served in Brazil and has 3 kids.

I think I already told you, but Elder C. left to Cluj and I have Elder R. back. I trained him when he first got here and we're back together. I have 2 transfers with him and then one after that. There is also a possibility of coming home on June 11th instead of the 25th. It's still in the air though. I got accepted to the U, just waiting to see if I got in to the Honors college now.

Today, February 24 he says:

Q: How are things in your part of the world? Anything new going on? How is it going with Elder Reed--you guys got along well the last time, right? Do you get the opportunity to give talks or teach lessons in your Sunday meetings? We got a your U of U acceptance letter info. in the mail this week. Any word about the Honors program or scholarships etc.?

A: Howdy, Howdy! Sounds like the normal fun gig back home. I'm still waiting to hear about the honors college. Hopefully it'll be soon. Nothing really new going on. Elder R. is great. We got along great last time and we are getting along great this time too. Our humor is exactly the same, so we get all the jokes. It's great. I'm teaching him how to do everything in the office, because he will be here when the new mission president gets in. It's crazy, President Hill only has one day with him. He arrives on the 29th of June, and President Hill leaves on the 30th. Not much training time. But every mission president does things different, so it's a good time for that.

We don't really give talks and stuff at church, they try to have the members do as much of that as they can. We actually just got a new branch president too, him and his wife just got back from serving their mission in the Bern, Switzerland temple. He's got a lot of enthusiasm.

Sorry it's short again, but I don't have anything too exciting to say. Have a good week!

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Nothing's Really New Here at the Office

Nothing's really new here in the office. The threesome companionship is getting really old, one companion is usually enough to get along with, let alone two. I'm very glad that will change next week. Elder B. goes home and Elder C. is out of the office. I do know who will most likely be my new companion though. Remember my son? Elder R. from Idaho? Yup, he's the man for the new office elder job that just about opened up. It'll be fun. I'll have 2 transfers with him, then one more and I'm done! Crazy to think about.

Speaking of college, all my stuff is sent to the U. They have all my transcripts and my ACT scores. The ACT robbed me 33 dollars to send that. Ridiculous. Carson got his acceptance letter already, maybe they'll be quick and send me mine fast too. I've been doing some research and talking to Elder B., I'm pretty sure I'll major in Civil Engineering with a minor in computer science. That's what I'm leaning towards. Maybe minors in physics or mathematics, or Spanish. I want to learn that when I get home. Then go somewhere (don't know where) and get a masters degree. I've been told by many in the mission that BYU has a good MBA program, but there are a lot of BYU alumni here as well. We'll see. It would definitely be a cheaper route for graduate school.

My mission dad (trainer) is getting married too. He's marrying a girl who served here. Kinda weird. I dunno if you remember, but about a year ago, we had a sister missionary come to Sibiu with her family and we tour guided them around for the day. I'm pretty sure I told you about that. Anyways, he's marrying her, and the wedding is on June 21st, 4 days before I get home.

But yeah, that's about it for the week. I'm almost out of peanut butter, and honey. I've been eating lots of peanut butter and honey lately.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

The Week Was Just Like Normal

Q: How was your week? Did the guard come to church again?

A: No more word on the guard, he goes to the other branch, not the same one as us. So I'm not sure if he went or not.

But the week was just like normal. Nothing really interesting happened. They are still trying to dig out the city from the snow. There aren't any places to put all the snow, so they have been slowly loading it up in dump trucks and driving it away. Huge piles of snow, size of our house in some parking lots. But consistent sizes of cars. kind of a mess. But it's warmed up a bit today, and the temperature is above freezing, so things are melting a bit. We're just getting ready for the new missionaries to arrive. 9 sisters coming in on the 18th, with no elders. Weird. Then after that, we have just 2, one sister and one elder coming in April. Also, on the same day I go home, 16 people go home! crazy.

It's crazy that Carson gets home in 4 weeks! Blows my mind. It's almost time to decide what to do with life.. haha.

Sorry I don't have a lot to say this week, just a run of the mill week!