Monday, 23 September 2013

We Have a Baptism Scheduled!


Me with my friends from Oradea.  I spent Christmas with them last year.
It's finally starting to cool down here. It actually gets pretty cold at night now. The heaters in our apartment come on in the mornings and evenings. The summer was HOT. Dang. I've heard its supposed to be a rough winter because last year was so mild, but we'll see. I'm in the market for a winter coat, I found one I want, but it's pretty spendy, so i'm gonna shop around a bit.

This week was a little more eventful. To start off the week, we had an exchange. I was with my MTC companion, Elder C. We haven't really served around each other for a long time, so that was cool. It was a cold day, but we talked to some people and had a lesson at the end of the day, so it was good.

Elder V. and I taught English on Tuesday and Saturday. We teach the beginner class, so it's pretty easy, and it helps him learn Romanian. We also got a referral from the office. So, we went over and talked to this college student who wanted a Book of Mormon. It was a little bit awkward, I think that he thought we were just gonna bring him the book, but we sat down and had a discussion. He doesn't live in Cluj, he goes home to Medias on the weekends. So we invited him to read it and we're calling him later this week. We were kind of excited about it because he referred himself, but it turned out to be a little weird. We'll see what happens. And yesterday, we had another lesson. He is an investigator of quite a long time. His wife is a member and they have a little girl. We went over to their house with the senior couple missionaries here.  It was kind of a get to know you lesson, because it was my first time there. But at the end, Elder B. helped us out a little (this man understands English, but doesn't really speak it) but we set a baptismal date with him for November 16th.  Little ways down the road, but he'll make it. He really likes Elder V. and the senior missionaries. He wants to finish the Book of Mormon first, so we're gonna start going over and reading with him and answering his questions. Apparently he's been coming to church for years with his wife, and he's had every lesson, so that's kinda where we're at. That was the week though. We were happy that a few things happened for us. Hopefully next week will be similar.  That's about it!

Way cool Ferrari that parks by our house

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