Monday, 16 September 2013

It's Starting to Feel Like I've Been Here for Awhile. . .

City of Cluj from the hill at night
Things are good here in Cluj. We had a pretty busy week. we had to travel twice. We had zone training meeting on Tuesday, and then we went to Oradea yesterday for District Conference. Our apartment here is kinda small, just a kitchen/family room, bedroom and a bathroom, but it gets the job done. We teach English starting tomorrow, hopefully some people come, we've been English contacting all week.

It's starting to feel like I've been here for awhile... haha. I've been here in Romania over a year now. I'm trying to be more patient, but some of the little things are starting to nit pick at me. I'm working on it though, so don't worry.

Like I said though, our week was pretty full. We went to Sibiu for zone training meeting on Tuesday, so that was a day full of bus rides. Pretty long too. Other than that we were English contacting all week long. Just trying to get some people at our classes, we'll see how that ends up tomorrow. we had a funny experience contacting the other day. We were walking through the park and this older guy stops us and starts talking to us. He just asked us all these semi-peculiar questions that were totally loaded to get the answer he was looking for. To tell you, the Jehovah's Witness church is pretty strong here. He at first, told us he was Orthodox, but then at the end of the conversation, he told us the truth. Interesting what people will say to get your attention. We both knew what he really was, because Orthodox people don't contact in the park! haha. Anyways.

We also got caught in the rain a few times, one time we ended up drenched and the other time we were close to cover. We were supposed to have a lesson with a part member family investigator, but it fell through because he had to stay late at work. We're meeting with him this week though. Our district conference yesterday was good. It was cool to go back to Oradea and see the place where I started my mission again. Same members, same building, same everything. I saw my friends Vlad and Anda, the family I spent Christmas with last year. We took a picture but I forgot my camera at home. I'll send it next time.

Cool experience last night too. When I was in Bucharest, the lady that feeds us, gave me a package of stuff for her granddaughter here in Cluj. So we went last night and dropped it off. But, to our surprise, she invited us in and fed us dinner with her two kids! Super nice lady. And apparently she was investigating the church, so we're gonna look up on that. We don't have a chapel, but we have a big house that we meet in. There are lots of members here, more than any other city in Romania. They're awesome and we have several families here too. But yeah, that was the week in a nutshell!

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