Monday, 14 October 2013

Going Back to Bucharest to Work in the Office

Short update from Elder Phelps this week:
The picture is me with the branch president and his family. His wife is Polish and he's Romanian, and they speak English too.  Their kids are awesome too.  Some of the coolest, nicest people I've ever met.  I'm gonna miss them.

My questions to him:
So, what's new with Elder Phelps? How was your week? You've been in Cluj for almost 6 weeks, are you staying there, or will you be going somewhere else--do you know yet? How is your investigator doing with his progress? Is he still on target for baptism next month? Did you get to watch the rest of conference? What was your favorite talk?

District picture at the senior missionaries' house. We went there for lunch as a district.

Me sleeping on the train to Arad
His Response:

Howdy all,

The week was pretty much the same as usual. Our investigator is still doing great. We met with him again last week. He takes his Book of Mormon to work with him and reads when he has time, so that's cool. He still has his date for the 16th. We still haven't watched the rest of conference yet, we'll get there though. But the week was filled with the usual contacting teaching english, nothing really new.

Also, this week being the week before transfers, we did find out where we will be going. Elder V. is staying here, his 5th transfer in a row, and getting a missionary younger than him. As for me, I'm headed back to Bucharest. I'll be working in the office as an office elder. So I get to drive, do paperwork, visas, take care of mission cars, deal with cell phones. It's gonna be crazy. The office elders are basically the bridge between the English speaking office staff, and the Romanian speaking Romania. I'm excited for it.

That's about all that's new though, I  know it's short, but that's the kind of week it was ya know? We get on a train from Cluj to Bucharest tomorrow night, and we'll be back in Bucharest in the morning on Wednesday!


  1. Elder Ormsby just finished his service as office elder. He has been transferred to a district in Bucaresti but will be training your missionary on all things official. It was a tough job, but Elder Ormsby said it really increased his language skills.

    1. That is so cool! He is really excited about the opportunity. Sounds like it's a 6 month commitment. What great things these missionaries are doing!