Tuesday, 29 October 2013

I'm Doing Just Great Here

I'm doing just great here. So I'll be an office elder officially on Thursday, when the other missionary goes home. We'll take him to the airport on Thursday morning. But this week was good. We were in the office a lot. We are starting to get lots of mail and packages. And there's about 50 different post offices to pick them all up at. We were doing that a couple days, driving around some more. We actually had a lesson this week as well. It's a little bit of a funny story:

There are two branches here in Bucharest. One on the west side, and one in the south east. I served in the one in the south east about a month and a half ago when I was here the first time. But, recently, they created a new group to meet in the northern area of Bucharest. The meetings are held in a member's home. The member who works at the embassy doing kind of what Eric does. Going along with the new group, President Hill decided to move some missionaries there as well. So that includes, the Assistants to the President, Office Elders, a companionship of sisters, and another companionship of elders. They don't have any apartments besides the assistants and the office elders, so they have been looking for new apartments recently. Well, they found one for the sisters, and the people who own it just started coming to church. They are super nice people. So down to earth and interested in the church. They love it. We had a lesson at their house, it was kind of jumbled, as he likes to talk, but we got through it and are planning on going back. They have been to church 3 times now, and every time they go they tell us they feel something different there, so that's cool. They are both about 50 I think, and their 26 year old daughter sat in on the lesson and said she was excited for our next visit. We'll see when we can set up with them again, they are pretty far out of our area, and don't go to the same church we do, so we may end up passing them on to another companionship. Anyways that's the story. They became interested in the church because we rent their apartment. Who would've known.

That's about it. We went to a cool old palace place with a lake today. I forgot my camera cord at home so I'll have to send the pictures another day.

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