Monday, 21 October 2013

Driving Here is Hysterical

View from the roof of our bloc, they opened a new mall across the street, and they were shooting off fireworks, but I didn't get up there with my camera in time. Anyways. The mission office is on the 7th floor of the short building to the left of the big building with the blue sign on top.
So the scoop is, I'm not technically 100 percent in the office, yet. Kind of half and half. We have 2 other office elders as well. One of them will be going home next week, so that's when I'm in all the way. Right now I'm learning the basics from Elder O. So we're in half the day, out the other half. I drove for the first time the other day too, that was cool. It's been over a year since I've been behind the wheel. It's fun though, driving here is hysterical. I did good, and I'll get better as it goes on. I'm gonna have to learn all the streets and stuff really fast. This city wasn't very well urbanly planned. They built all the buildings without taking parking/cars into consideration. So now there is no room to park or anything. Only the newest buildings come with underground parking structures. Anyways.

I think the office is going to be fun. As office elders basically solve everyone elses' problems. We take care of mission vehicles, phones, visas, traffic tickets, health insurance, insurance claims, basically all the stuff we need to have to function as a mission. On transfer day we were busy shuttling missionaries around, moving luggage, helping them with visa paperwork. It's going to be good administrative experience I think.

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  1. Check Elder O's blog for more details about the past week's office elder duties. It was a crazy week with all the visas.