Monday, 7 October 2013

Today was a Cool P-Day and P.S. Could You Send a Chick-Fil-A #1 with a Large Lemonade and Extra Fry Sauce!

This week was kind of messed up, because I wrote you on Tuesday or Wednesday, I can't even remember. Zone Conference threw a wrench in our week. It's cooling off as well here. Frost on the cars and the grass in the mornings, winter is on the way. Apparently it snowed in Brasov last week. I've heard that people are saying that its supposed to be a really cold winter, not sure why, but that's word on the street. We had general conference this weekend, and our investigator's wife and daughter were sick, and Saturday is really the only day we can meet with him, so we didn't get to meet with him. We have heard, that he takes his Book of Mormon to work with him and reads when he has extra time, so that was reassuring to hear.

We got to watch the two morning sessions of conference, because of the time difference, they start at 7pm. So we watched Saturday morning session on Saturday night, and Sunday morning on Sunday night. They moved church to 5:30pm, we had sacrament till 6:30, then watched conference from 7 till 9. We will watch the other sessions when we can during study times and such, we download them and play them on our DVD player, and I think the branch will show them over the next few weeks as well. I haven't heard Elder Holland's talk yet, but I loved Pres. Uchtdorf's talk about people in the Church aren't perfect but the Gospel is, and him inviting everyone to come and see what the Church is all about. Also the fact that we don't try to force anything upon anyone, that the Church respects agency 100 percent.

Our conference viewing set up, the tv hooked to the computer, we watched it over the internet with the senior couple here, and the rest of the district.  We watched it in English up in the branch president's office, and everyone else watched in Romanian downstairs on the projector.
Today was a pretty cool P-Day. We went to a town called Turda, about 30 minutes south of Cluj. There is a huge salt mine there that you can walk through. It was really neat. They had cut out this huge cavern underground and they have tons of things in there. They have a sports court, ping-pong, a mini bowling alley, a ferris wheel, and like boats you can row around the little lake at the bottom. All the structure is made of wood, because metal rusts too fast in a salt mine. I'll attach a picture for you to see. After we explored the mine for a few hours, we ate lunch at a restaurant in the town and took the bus back. It was fun. I also emailed you a little video of the inside of the cave, hopefully you get that.

I don't really need anything. If someone insists on sending something, tell them peanut butter, hi-chews, fun fetti cake, or a Chick-Fil-A number 1 with a large lemonade and extra fry sauce.
Our district in the bottom of the salt mine

Bridge of wood at the very bottom

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