Monday, 8 April 2013

Great News---a Baptism is Scheduled!

Austin's Easter Letter from April 1st (though Romania doesn't celebrate Easter until May)---I'm a little pokey with getting this post out.

"Oh and a little clarification on Easter. Easter in Romania is not
until May 5. That's when the Orthodox Church observes it. Not too
sure why, but that's how it is. Our Easter Sunday will be then and
because it's the first Sunday in the month, it will probably just be a
normal fast and testimony meeting.

Some exciting news. We got a referral from the office, a person who
has been living in Italy for the last little while. He was meeting
with the missionaries there, and then got in contact with us here in
Romania. He lives in a city that's about an hour train ride from
Sibiu, but he comes in to Sibiu Monday-Friday for work. So we are
able to meet with him before he leaves the city. We had a lesson with
him, and he said that he was ready to be baptized in Italy, and he
accepted a date of May 5. I probably won't be in Sibiu for that date,
but that's fine. He says he wants to be baptized, but just wants us
to help him make sure he's ready. So we're currently meeting with him
when he has time between trains between Sibiu and his hometown.

We had another meeting in Cluj-Napoca this passed week. So that was
another day of early bus rides. The meeting was good. During the
meeting we did a buch of cross-area exchanges and we all went out
contacting to practice some of the stuff we were talking about in the
meeting. It was cool. And the meeting was kind of dragging at that
point, so we all switched companions for about half an hour and went
out and talked to people. Kind of a cool twist on a sometimes long,
and boring meeting. If there's one thing I've learned, never
underestimate the length of some meetings.... haha."

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