Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Ice Cream Consumption to be a Problem!

The sisters and I eating Ice Cream. I can see ice cream consumption being a problem this summer. there is ice cream every 20 feet, and it's cheap. and good.

So interesting news first. The transfer board came out, and I'll be leaving Sibiu and the next place I serve in is the city of Pitesti. My new companion was in my MTC group and was my roommate at the MTC. We'll get along fine and have a good time. So that's transfer news. Also, my 3rd companion, is taking a leave to go home and have surgery on his back. Makes me sad to see one of my best friends in the mission leave, but he said he's going to try to be back here by August or September. Hopefully all goes well and he can get back out here, and he's flying Tuesday morning, and we don't get down to Bucharest till about noon on Wednesday so I just get to say bye on the phone. He'll be back though, I'm not too worried. He was pretty convinced on not leaving, but he's since decided otherwise.

Funny thing of the week (a little bit sad too..) We were out at the market (piata) where they sell everything! From Radishes to rabbits, parrots to kiwis. We were looking in the animal section and there was this cage of rabbits on the ground in front of the table. There was this little boy, probably about 2 or 3, looking at the rabbits with a radish in his right hand, kind of pointing at them with his left hand. The rabbits were all up against the cage trying to get the radish, then the kid sticks his finger in the cage, and this rabbit just munches it. He looked at it for a few seconds then just screams. Blood dripping everywhere. Apparently rabbits have sharp teeth. Poor Kid. Anyways.

We had another week of doing the less active finding thing. And we knocked more doors this week than probably any other week in my entire mission so far. Nobody let us in, and there was a crazy guy we ran into as well. We went to the top of a 44 apartment staircase intending to knock them all. First 3 doors didn't answer, fourth door didn't answer, we were in the process of knocking the 5th door of the night, when the fourth one flies open. This skinny old hairy guy with no pants on (he had like a longer tank top thing on that covered his thighs) comes out and asks us what we want. We told him we have a message about families and God, then tells us to leave and that he's gonna give us a message that will make our heads hurt. Not very nice. So we left and continued elsewhere.

Those are the stories for the week. To clarify on the mail thing. Email is probably better now, especially because the mission department changed the rules a few weeks ago. We can email friends too now. I get writers cramp writing snail mail, and stamps are expensive... .haha. And with that new rule, we can email as long as we want on p-day. So that's a way better option. (austin.phelps@myldsmail.net)

That's all for this week,
Elder Phelps
The bees are busy on the cherry trees at the church!

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