Monday, 15 April 2013

9 Months Out---Time is Flying By!

How is it going with the guy with the baptism date?
First about that guy who was supposed to be baptized. We haven't been
able to get into contact with him for two weeks, but we are still
trying. Other than that, we have been working on something to update
all the records and information in the branch. We went and got a big
map of the city laminated and put dots on it, according to all the
members we have on the list. And we numbered each one and made a key
list to know which number corresponds to which member. We are working
on this to update the information in the system, send records to other
parts of the world as needed, remove names that request it, and bring
people back to church in order to have more people there each Sunday.
It's been hard though, because there have been many changes in
leadership in the branch and members moving. It's like playing a game
of asking people if they know certain people and where they went, when
they went there, and if they have their addresses. So that's what
we've been working on. We've already sent several records to Italy,
Germany, and the lost and found file. So we are going to keep going
with that this week.
When is the next transfer?
The end of the next transfer is May 1, I will most likely be
transferred out of Sibiu. I dunno where i'll go, but it will be good.
We had branch conference with Pres. and Sis. Hill yesterday. 30
people at church. Most I've seen in Sibiu to this day. That was
cool. I translated for Pres. and Sis. Hill for the talks that were in
Romanian, but another person went from their English to Romanian. It
was tough. Understanding, and then spitting it out in English right
after is hard to do. Definitely takes some practice.
You've been out for 9 months now!
Time is flying by really fast. Crazy how that works.

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