Monday, 8 April 2013

A Visit to Dracula's House!

Elder Phelps had a week of traveling this week. Here's his update:

"We've actually seen some cool birds here the last few weeks, spring
coming and all. Besides the regular pigeons (those are everywhere and
anywhere). We were at a museum a couple weeks ago, it's called Muzeul
Satului which means the museum of the towns. It's a recreation of a
medieval town, with sawmills, windmills, stuff like that, and we saw a
big owl there. I wasn't fast enough with the camera, or I'd send a
picture. Also we rode a train out to a town for p-day today, and we
saw tons of chickens, pheasants, and some falcons/hawks. So that's
pretty cool. Owls are just cool birds.

But for p-day today, we went out to Sighisoara. About a 2 hour train
ride from here in Sibiu. It was pretty cool. It's actually where the
real "Dracula" lived for a while. We went to his house and just
explored the city for the day, and the branch president went with us.
It's a medieval type town, most of it is all old and really cool
looking. We went into some churches there, ate lunch, and just
explored for a few hours.

Me at Dracula's House

The Clock Tower at Sighisoara

This week wasn't too productive. And I'll tell you why. We had zone
conference in Arad. Which is on the far west side of Romania. We are
in the middle. So we left Tuesday morning (There is only 1 train per
day). Then we had conference basically all day on Wednesday, then
after that, we caught the train to Timisoara with the elders who live
there. Then we stayed Wednesday night there in Timisoara with them,
then got on a 7 hour train ride on Thursday morning back to Sibiu. So
that burned up 3 days of the week. We had a few lessons with some
less active members after that and we had English class on Saturday.
We have like 10-15 students, which is pretty good. That was what we
did this week. Also we've watched both morning sessions of
conference, because they started at 7 our time. We are going to watch
another session later tonight I think as well. Loved Pres, Monson's
story about setting the canyon on fire. Hilarious."

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