Monday, 25 March 2013

Police Encounter

Sounds like Elder Phelps had a little run in with the Romanian Police this week---read on!

Not much new for this week. We had our p-day changed to yesterday
instead of today. There was a missionary who was going home and her
family came to pick her up, and they wanted to come to Sibiu. So we
got to play tour guide for them and took them around the city a bit
and out to a museum on the edge of town. It's like a medevil village
museum. It's pretty cool, all out doors with tons of old houses, saw
mills, windmills, stuff like that. So we did that and went out to eat
and just walked around with them for most of the day.

We start teaching English on Saturday, we should have a pretty good
turn out, we have recieved a bunch of calls about it, We'll teach for
4 weeks and then take a break. We are going to Cluj-Napoca again on
Wednesday for a meeting, then we are going over to Arad for a Zone
conference next week. We are going to be pretty busy traveling and
things the next little while.

Funny experience of the week:

We were putting English posters up on poles around the city, that
already had tons of posters on them. I was in the process of putting
one on a pole, and a police car drives up. He told me that it is
prohibited and the fine is 500 lei. He asked what the poster was for
and I explained that we teach English as a service for free. He took
my ID, wrote some stuff down and asked some more questions. I asked
if I could read the law in the book, and he said it was a "spoken" law
not a written one, and he didn't want money anymore. He just told us
to stop, so we did. And he just wanted money. And only stopped me
because I'm American I'm pretty sure.  I've seen people put posters on
the same poles right in front of the police and they didn't do
anything. Oh well, we have pass out cards now, so we'll do that.
Funny story though.

No new investigators yet, but we have some
prospects to look for this week. I'm also working on cleaning up the
branch records with updated numbers, addresses, emails, etc. And
moving records out that need to be moved and such.

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