Tuesday, 19 March 2013

We Got Let in a Door!! First Time in the Entire Mission!

First of all, I'm staying in Sibiu for another 6weeks. I will be transferred somewhere else on May 1st. Still district leader and one of the sisters is leaving to Lasi, and asister is coming up to Sibiu to replace her. She was in my MTC group and is coming to be in our district. I really thought I was going to leave, but that wasn't the case. I thought I was headed to Bucharest to work in the office, but instead I'll be staying here.
Hopefully we can get some things going. We are going to start teaching English again, see if we can get some investigators that way. We are having to get creative, because we have no investigators right now. We did talk to the town hall about the table, and they denied our application because we intend to distribute religious material. It is against the law, I mean them denying it, if I understand right. We are going to pursue it a little more, and see what we need to change in order to get approved.

The waterfalls were awesome. Google Search "Sapte Scari Brasov". I
am sending all the pictures, let me know if you get them. Super cool
place. I probably will go to Bran castle sometime in my mission.
I've heard it's really all not that cool. You just go to say you
went. I've heard from multiple people that Hunedoara is better, and
I've already been there.

No new contacts. We did get let in a door while we were block
knocking this last week. That was cool. First time in my entire
mission. We had a restoration lesson, and it went pretty well. We
explained everything, and then asked if they would read if we gave
them a book of Mormon, and they said no.. But they were super nice and
welcoming. Just not interested.

In regards to the remodeling of the kitchen project we've got going on at home, this was Austin's response:The project seems to be coming along. Did you guys figure out how to grow a money tree or something? Teach me if you did. Haha. (No money tree here, just a thing called a home equity loan!) Anyways,should look pretty good when it's all said and done. Is it gonna be
all just tile and hardwood or some carpet? and what's the plan for the
living room when it's done? Like another family room? or something.

Still busy being the counselor and finance guy for the branch along
with the other stuff. That's bascially it I think. We are going on a hike again today,
Should be fun.

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