Wednesday, 13 March 2013

1/3 Through the Mission--8 Months Out

Elder Phelps is doing OK---no pictures again this week, he promises to take some this week and get them sent next time. Here's what he has to say:

Today I'm writing from Brasov, we are here for P-Day going to see some
waterfalls with ladders right next to them and hike around and stuff.
Should be cool.

We got our first 18 year old missionary
last transfer. An elder from Austria. But now they will start
coming more and more often.

We have been knocking some doors this past week, handed out a few Book
of Mormons and some pamphlets, that's about it though. We had the
senior couple from the office come up to Sibiu for an end o year
financial audit. So we were busy with that on Saturday. It was kind
of long, they had a ton of questions about the finances from the last
year and they had to go through all the documents and the receipts.
So I had to be there too, because I'm the financial guy for the
branch. It went well though and we passed, I think.

Also, we had a companion exchange with the zone leaders from Cluj one
day. So we got to spend the day with a different companion. Oh, and
we tried to go to the government to get permission to go into downtown
and set up a table and hand out stuff and talk to people. But, after
3 consecutive days of going to the town hall office, the last day,
they told us that our applications were denied. So That kind of threw
a wrench in the gears as far as the rest of the week's plans went. We
had planned on getting permission, and then we didn't, so we ended up
bloc knocking instead. That's how it goes I suppose. We might try to
go back and talk to them about it, because they just said no, they
didn't give any reason.

It's a little short this week, but we are tight on time here in
Brasov, so I'll take some pictures and send them your way next week.
I really haven't taken any in awhile, that's why I haven't sent
any.... haha.

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