Thursday, 1 August 2013

Transferred to Bucharest (Capital of Romania)

1) You're in Bucharest in the southern part of the city, right? How do you get around---by car, walk, tram? 
Well here I am in Bucharest. Biggest city in Romania. Little bit different from what I'm used to, but hopefully it'll grow on me. We live in the southeast part of the city, Bucharest is kind of divided in half by a metro line, and we live on the east side. It also divides the 2 branches here, we are in the Mihai Bravu branch. We live like a 15 minute walk from the chapel and the metro station. It'a pretty big change from anything that I've done here in Romania before. Larger branch, more members, big city. It's cool though. Car, hahahaha. We walk everywhere and use the metro. We'll start using the trams and buses as well this next week. Traffic here is crazy, faster to use the metro usually.

2) How do you like your new companion and what is his name?
My new companion is Elder A. He's from all over but most recently Farmington, he graduated from Davis. He's in his 2nd transfer here in Bucharest. We get along so far, it's been a bit different from my other companions though, we'll be great i'm sure though. Just have to warm up to each other.

3) What is your new apartment like?
As for the apartment, the one we live in now is terrible. We are going to find a new one. The owner is done having missionaries there. He has been renting to the church for the last 6 or 7 years and now he's done. So we're starting the hunt this week. It's not a very good apartment either, I dunno why they kept it for so long. We'll be cleaning and stuff this week to get ready to move. Hopefully we'll find another place that's convenient to the chapel and a metro stop.

4) How many missionaries are in your district and what are your duties as district leader?
We have 8 missionaries in our district, 10 if you count the senior couple. 6 elders and 2 sisters. I just have to do district meeting every week, and report stuff from the zone leaders to the rest of the district. Not too big of a deal.

But, this week went by pretty slow with transfers and moving and stuff. We have just been English contacting for the most part. Apparently there are a few investigators here who are out of town right now, but we're gonna meet with them when they get back. Also, last night this random guy called and said he was an investigator, but his name wasn't in our phone, so we're meeting with him on Wednesday. We have our zone training meeting tomorrow, interviews with Pres. and Sis. H. on Wednesday, and district meeting Thursday. We'll be pretty busy. And it's the hottest time of the year. I sometimes wish I got called to the north pole. But, maybe they'll have a mission there by the time i'm ready to serve as a senior missionary. That's all for today.

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