Monday, 19 August 2013

I Played the Piano in Sacrament Meeting

As far as this week goes, it was kind of slow. We are still on the apartment hunt. Nothing has come up yet. We'll keep trying though. We just did a lot of contacting this week. Gave away some Book of Mormons too. We had District meeting on Thursday as well. Also, English on Tuesday and Saturday. I played the piano in sacrament meeting on Sunday. From the simplified hymns of course. I can still read music for the most part, but making it play on the piano is a different story. I make tons of mistakes, but it's better than nothing. And no body else can play in the entire branch. Maybe I'll stay here long enough to learn how to play real hymns! haha.

We kind of did a different approach on contacting this week. We went and got a bunch of chalk, and wrote questions on the sidewalk and drew book of mormons and stuff. Kind of breaks the ice for you, because more people just come up and talk to you.

Oh, I'm not sure If I've told you. But there's this lady in the branch here who feeds the missionaries every week. We pay her 10 lei each and she cooks for us. I'm not entirely sold on the food yet. Yesterday was pretty good, but other times, not so good. We had this spinach and cheese soup, wow. That was hard to eat. Anyways. We usually go there with a bunch of other missionaries every sunday after church.

Funny thing of the week. We were crossing the street by the mission office, and I stumbled up the curb, and kinda hit my leg into one of these posts they put every where to keep people from parking on the curb. and, smashed the phone in my pocket. So we had to have the office elders get us a new one. haha. It still worked, but you couldn't see anything on the screen.

Austin likes cars. . .here's a Maserati!

What a great looking bunch!

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