Thursday, 8 August 2013

"I Might Have to Learn to Play the Piano"

Me in the ruined little castle thing at Cismigiu Garden

1) How are things with your new companion?

Things here are good. Elder A. and I are getting along fine.

2) How many people come to Church there in Bucharest where you are? Do you have chapel or a rented house like in the other areas?
We had about 60 people at church yesterday. Big jump up from what I'm used to, but it's good because we don't really have any responsibilities in the branch. They can handle it all by themselves. We have a chapel here, that the church actually owns, so that's cool. It is right across the street from a metro stop, and has a big grass field with it. I imagine it was probably pretty expensive

3) Have you taught any lessons this week? How is the contacting done there in the bigger city? Is it still English classes and service or what?
We were supposed to have one lesson this week, but he didn't show up. Apparently we have some investigators coming back into town this week, so we're hoping to meet with them after we start English classes.

It's been really hot. We finally went and bought 2 fans on Saturday. Makes a huge difference, but it's still way hot, because our apartment is on the sun side of the building all day long, we're just trying to find a new one as fast as we can, so we can move. It's getting kind of prolonged and it's starting to bother me. I've talked to like 50 realtors in the last 72 hours and none have called me back. We're gonna head to Coldwell Banker today I think. Maybe they can help us speed up the process. We want to move out this week, so we'll see.

For this week, it's been basically English contacting. We had our zone training meeting on Tuesday, and interviews with President and Sister Hill on Wednesday. Our district set a goal to give out 1 Book of Mormon per companionship per day. We're on track so far, so that's cool. It was a slower week, the heat is just nuts.

Leading the music sounds like a good time. Speaking of music. I might have to learn how to play the piano. I can still read music pretty well. There aren't any piano players in the branch, so I played from the Simplified hymns in priesthood, and that might have doomed me to play in sacrament meeting next week. We'll see. I could learn, and I could get permission to practice, i dunno yet though.

As far as sharing the gospel goes. I've learned here that the worst people can do is say no (most of the time). And that's fine. We can't take away other people's agency. If they say no, then that's that. We can't get discouraged. That's my two cents. Just go for it and if she says no, she says no. We're promised that everyone will receive an equal chance to accept the gospel. That means it's different for every person.

The sunset from our apartment.  The sun is right behind Casa Porporului.  "The People's Palace"

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