Thursday, 1 August 2013

"I Think I'll Learn Spanish When I Get Home"

This was from July 22 (We were at Bear Lake that week, so I'm just getting to writing the blog post)

1) Did you get a second meeting with the Orthodox guy from the tramvai, and if so, how did it go?
No, we didn't set up a meeting with the Orthodox guy, we have been busy getting things ready to leave and wrapping up English classes, and going to visit some members with the branch president.

2) Are you staying in Timisoara for another transfer, or are you off to another area?
We got the transfer board, I'm going to be leaving Timisoara, and I'm going to.... yup, you guessed it: Bucharest. I'll be district leader for one of the districts there. I'll be living in the southern part of the city. My new companion will be starting his second transfer, he came in the country with my current companion, Elder R., and his name is Elder A. Word on the street is that he's from Farmington, and graduated from Davis.... We'll see how it works out.... haha I'm sure it'll be fine. I'm pretty easy to get along with I feel like.

3)What's been the best part about your mission so far?
The best part... That's tough. I dunno if there is a specific part that's the best. Ask me again in like 6 months. I've just learned a ton, made friends, talked to lots of people, all those are pretty cool, it's tough to put a finger on one thing.

I thought a letter in Romanian would throw a curve ball. I decided i'm gonna learn Spanish when I get home. I've had some contact with it over here, and I understand a ton of it. I also understand a little Italian, not as much as Spanish though. But not Russian, don't understand a lick, or French, lots of French over here. I figure Spanish will be easy enough to learn, and it will be way more useful back in the states than Romanian will be. I read the blog, lots of it is wrong, oh well, haha.

Well this week we had a lesson. It was with an English student, who started coming to FHE at the church. So we decided to try to set up with him. He accepted and we had a good lesson (in English), too bad I won't be here to continue teaching him, that's Elder R's and his new companion's responsibility. Speaking of him, he is going to get Elder M. for his new comp, my old comp from Sibiu, who left the mission for back surgery a few months ago. He's coming back, and taking my place in Timisoara. So that's cool, a pretty good friend of mine is coming back to the field. We had a visit with a member this week, with the branch president, Elder H. She fed us these beans, almost like chili, but not really, the first two bites were interesting, the middle was pretty good, but I had a little struggle with the last few bites. We brought her a watermelon, and she turned around and gave us each about 1/4 of it. A HUGE piece. The members here are too nice. Speaking of watermelon.... That stuff is EVERYWHERE here, and it's only 1 leu a kilogram, we get one every week, sometimes 2 a week. But we finished off English for the transfer this week, and have been getting everything ready to go. Yesterday, we had a going away dinner with the Hunts, our senior couple missionaries here, we also had a member over to celebrate at the same time. Baked potatoes, chili, bacon, cheddar cheese (a delicacy) the works. It was super good. There were tons of leftovers, so we had lunch at their house today too. But that's about it, just getting ready to go to Bucharest tomorrow night. That's about it!
Oh, and this is the Hunt's mission blog, they put us in there all the time
Dinner with the branch president and his wife

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