Monday, 25 February 2013

O Zi Buna

Elder Phelps is doing well in Sibiu, Romania.  O Zi Buna means "Have a good day," I think. . . 
Here are my questions to him this week:

What will/do you do as a district leader? What do you do as the counselor in the Branch presidency? Do you tract in Sibiu or set up in the park like you did in Oradea? Do you do service like you did at Caritas? Where is your current companion from? How was the conference with Elder (Dr. ) Kent Richards? I used to work with him---nice guy.
Me looking out the tower window
Things are good. Our time here is spent mostly focusing on the few
investigators that we have even though they aren't really progressing.
We try to teach them as much as we can. Just trying to hold on to the people we have now. As a district leader, I plan and conduct a district meeting every week, report our goals and numbers each week, and make sure everyone is home and safe every night. That's basically
it, sometimes present things at zone training meetings. As a counselor, I do all the finances for the branch (well I'm the branch clerk as well) and we sit on the stand in sacrament meeting. Speak sometimes. I'm speaking again in 2 weeks. And along with that, we usually have to bless and pass the sacrament almost every week. We haven't really looked into setting up a table here, maybe we will though. We don't do service either. We need to find something like that.

The conference was good. Long train ride (6 hours each way). It was
an hour and a half leadership meeting then right after that it was a
FOUR HOUR main session. No breaks. Holy cow it was long. He
presented a ton of stuff. Mostly from the scriptures. That's what I
liked about him, he always taught from the scriptures. But the story
back to Sibiu was funny. We didn't have time to take the last bus
back on Thursday, so we planned to take the 10 am train. We stayed
the night in Bucharest and got all ready to go. We stayed across the
city from the gara and where the sisters stayed. So, one of the
office elders came and picked us up and took us to the station, but
the other office elder (he's new in the office and to driving in
Romania) took a wrong turn and got to the sisters' apartment at 10
am..... So we missed that train and went to lunch, then got on the
3:30 train back to Sibiu. We had luggage for 3 people and some
supplies and books of mormon. So much stuff. Everyone was getting
mad at us for having too much stuff on the train. But they were all
off by the time we got to Brasov. So we finally got to sit down for
the last 3 or 4 hours of the ride. We got into Sibiu, and had to take
almost 3 taxis because of all the bags. We first went to the sisters'
apartment and lugged all their bags up 4 floors of stairs and went
home after that. It was an expensive taxi ride, since he had to wait
while we helped them. Oh well.

My new companion is in his 15th transfer. So he's almost done. He is
from Layton, and graduated from Northridge High School. He's cool and
we're getting along just fine so far.

All in all, things are good, we are still searching for some success,
and we planned to have some this transfer, so it should be good.
We'll be going to Cluj-Napoca again on Thursday, for our zone training
meeting. Should be fun. My district is awesome. One of the sisters
is fresh from the MTC and she's super hyped about missionary work and
full of faith. Which is good. And her companion is cool too, she's
been in Sibiu before and they brought her back because both sisters
left last transfer. So I'm not the only one who knows the city and

O Zi Buna,

Elder Phelps
Wedding on the Bridge of Lies, viewed from the tower between Piata
mare and piata mica

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