Saturday, 9 February 2013

Keep Calm and Visit Romania

Picture I took in downtown of a sticker on a pole and the walking
part of downtown in the background
Not much more to report for this week.  We have been busy teaching
some lessons this week.  Pretty good week.  But we still haven't heard
from the guy that was supposed to be baptized.  Hopefully we can get
in touch with him this week to touch base and get a date set for him.
We have another investigator, who we are helping to quit smoking.  He
has a date set, and we are working with him towards that.  Other than
that we have one more.  She is  the sister of a member here, and we
have been working with her.  She isn't progressing all that quickly,
but we are just doing a little at a time.  The senior couple from
Brasov come to Sibiu and we have lessons with them and her once a
week.  We are getting closer to a date with her, and she has expresed
that she wants to be baptized so that's exciting.

We have just been busy teaching, going to the gym, ice baths in our
bathroom.  Also, we are eating pretty healthy.  We bought a ton of
vegetables and fruit and we do smoothies, because Elder McBride has a
blender, so those are good.  We are going to Huneodoara on Wednesday,
and Deva, to see some castles, so that should be fun.  Not much
besides that,

I know it's not a lot, but my mind is blank.  We didn't really do
anything super exciting this week.  I'll report on the castles and
stuff next week.

Podul Minciunilor.  The Bridge of Lies.  In Piata Mica. One of the
oldest cast iron bridges in Europe

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