Tuesday, 29 January 2013

2nd Week in Sibiu

Elder Phelps was a man of few words this week. . .

First of all, the baptism didn't happen. The investigator called us 3
days before and said he was going to Bucharest to be with his sick
father (who is 100 years old) and we haven't heard from him since. So
we are assuming that his father passed away and he is still there
taking care of his family business. We know he's going to be
baptized, we are just waiting to hear from him. He's gonna be baptized
though, we're not worried about it at all.

It's snowed the last 2 days here, and it's been freezing cold. But
it's warming up today so we'll see what happens.

The people of Romania are very set on their ways. It's hard, but it
makes the few people that want to listen and do listen mean that
much more. So it's still awesome.

The language is coming along really well. I understand basically
everything. And I can say probably 75 percent of what I want. I just
need to learn more vocabulary and stuff. But as far as the grammar
goes, I am pretty confident in it. I just need to keep practicing at
this point.

Below is photo Austin took of the Large Square "Piata Mare." There is a live webcam http://www.sibiu.ro/LiveOK/cam1.html if you're interested.

The Big square, where the ice skating rink is, you can see it off to the left.

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