Sunday, 27 January 2013

Welcome to Sibiu, Elder Phelps!

Sibiu.  It is super cool.  It has tons of medieval buildings and
cobblestone streets.  Very pretty.  And it's all pretty close
together, so we don't have to buy a pass for the bus.  We just walk
everywhere.  The church is in a house here too, pretty big one at
that.  But it's been pretty good.  My bed here isn't as soft as it was
in Oradea, so I've been trying to adjust to that.  Our apartment is on
the 5th floor of a small apartment building. it's like a loft. We
talke the elevator, then have to walk up another flight of stairs.  It
has a bathroom, 2 bedrooms and a big living/study room/kitchen.  Also
it has those windows on the diagonal slants of the roof, so we get a
ton of light and it's a good view of the city.  And we have a
dishwasher! that's a luxury.  But it's a modern apartment.  One of the
light fixtures is busted, a lightbulb just exploded out of it in a
shower of fireworks one time and tripped both breakers. So we had to
go flip the one outside.  Hopefully an electrician is gonna come get
that fixed soon.  The landlord said he'd get it taken care of, but
until now, it doesn't work... haha.  Electricity in this country is
just sketchy.
Anyways.  My new companion is cool.  We get along well.  He's from the
Dallas, Texas area.  And he loves football.  He's going to try to walk
on at BYU when he gets home in December.  So, to help him get ready,
he has permission from our mission president to go to the gym.  So we start
our studies at 7:30, then go to the gym after that for an hour.  We've
been twice so far and we are super sore.  So we've been taking ice
baths in our big tub at our apartment, since the water coming out of
the tap is basically ice anyways.  It kinda forces me to workout and
excercise, so that's good.
As far as church business goes, I came into an area that is much more
alive than my last one.  We have a baptism on Saturday, it will be
my companion's first.  The guy is like 64, and is so cool.  He loves
the Church and is like the perfect investigator.  He agrees with
everything and was already following most of the commandments and
stuff.  We have a lesson with him today about tithing and fasting.
Also, we have 2 other baptismal dates in the city, so hopefully those
will go through as well.  Also, I got called as the second counsleor
in the branch presidency.  So that's interesting.  The only Priesthood
in the branch are us and the branch president basically.  All the rest
are inactive.  It's mostly women who are active.  But they are super
good at coming to lessons with us and doing missionary work and stuff
like that.  So we are looking at some really good things happening
here.  Another great thing about Sibiu is the Gogosi.  It's like a
better version of a scone, with vanilla pudding, chocolate, or jam
inside, they have tons of fillings, and they are super good.
That's basically it, I'm not gonna be able to send pictures this week,
we are at an internet cafe that has computers with no USB plugs.  So
we're going to a different place next week and I'll send some.

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