Monday, 18 November 2013

You Would Have a Heart Attack if You Knew What Driving was Like Here.

Q: How are things in the Romanian mission office? So, what's new with you? Tell me again why you have a group for church instead of going to the branch and why it's shorter? 

A: Things are just fine. More paperwork, more problem solving, more crazy driving. I'm telling you, you would have a heart attack if you knew what driving was like here. Serious.

In the past (before I was here) there were branches for every sector in Bucharest (6). But as people stopped coming, the branches slowly closed. Now we have 2, and one group. One chapel on the west side, and one in the south east. The district president thought it would bring people back to church to have a group in the north (where the mission home, and office are). Because apparently there are many members up here, and they suspect that the distance was keeping some members away from attending church. So they formed the group in northern Bucharest. And we only have 2 hours of church, because it's like a satellite branch. All the donations are taken through the branch in the west, and they have "group leader" not a president. It's all under the direction of the other branch.

The weather here just cooled off really quick. It's been pretty cold the last couple of days. Still no snow or rain though. We are currently working on our mission slideshow to show at Christmas zone conferences. We have to sort through about a thousand pictures and put music to them and make the presentation for everyone to watch. And we have transfers next week, so we are in the middle of preparation for the new missionaries to come into the country. Staying really busy like usual. We played soccer in the park today. And it was Elder O's (my last companion) year in the country mark this week, so we ate at the Hard Rock to celebrate. Great burger, but kind of expensive.

I'm getting kind of tired of having 4 people in our apartment. Too crowded and hard to keep things clean. The other elders are moving next week though, that will make things easier. I dunno if I told you, but Elder O. has a native companion. A temporary missionary from Iasi. He's a funny kid named Mihai. He doesn't speak very much English, so we've all been able to practice Romanian a little more than normal.

I hope they don't make me go to the singles ward when I get home. Too much pressure to get married there. Maybe I can get a calling in our home ward and stay. We'll see I guess.

Well I'm really tired, and still have 20 bazillion pictures to sort, some health insurance claims to file, and maybe some grocery shopping to do. Sorry it wasn't too epic this week. That's how it goes in the mission office!

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