Monday, 11 November 2013

We Get to Have Turkey on Thanksgiving!

Q: How are things in the office? Did you do anything new and different/exciting this week? What's the weather like there? How is your health?? Are you staying well?

A: Nothing much new here. Just paperwork, errands, the usual. We did have a skype lesson with a recent convert though. He lives in the Czech Republic and he speaks Romanian a lot better that he speaks Czech. He just got baptized over there, I guess the office elders before me were kind of teaching him through skype on and off. That's about as exciting as it gets. We have to start running all over the city this week, because we have new missionaries coming in a couple weeks. All of their paperwork needs to be taken care of. On Saturday, we did go out to this member's house, like 30 kilometers from the city and we did some service in her garden. Cutting down some trees, turning dirt over, just cleaning up for the winter. We had 3 cars of missionaries full go out there, so there was good company. That's basically it though.

So you know the couple who works at the embassy I told you about before? They invited the whole office staff over for Thanksgiving this year. So we'll be at their house. And, cool thing is, we'll get to have Turkey! They don't really have whole turkey's here, but we're ordering one from the embassy. It'll be just like Thanksgiving dinner back home. My companion makes really good pumpkin pie too.

My health is just fine. The weather is cooling off here. Fast. It was really cold this morning, and apparently it's supposed to stay cold for the rest of the year. Up until now, it's been warm, but not anymore.

That's about it for this week. We are going paintballing today too, us office elders and most all of the other missionaries here in Bucharest. And, on the 19th we got permission to go the Romania vs. Greece World Cup Qualifying game. I'm pretty excited about that. It's at the National Arena, a big, brand new soccer stadium. It's gonna be a good game, and we get to go with a bunch of my friends in the mission. Our tickets were only about 15 dollars each too.
At the mall they had a coke stand, and you could type in something to put on your can.  I put PHELPS, and this other missionary, Elder R., his first name is Austin too.  He put AUSTIN on his and I stuck ours together, and took a picture.  (It translates to say, "Share a Coca-Cola with...." and whatever you write.)

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