Thursday, 11 July 2013

Someone Actually Called Back from a Pass Along Card!

Today, July 11, is the one year mark of Austin's mission!!  Crazy how time flies.  Here is his update from Monday, July 8, 2013

So, how are things with you?
Howdy all, Things are good here, as usual.

Someone took a picture of the San Diego Temple and posted in on their business window. How funny.

1) What did you find out from the Town Hall about passing out cards? Haven't gone to the town hall, other things on our plate.
2)You burned a tie at 6 months, what do you do at year, burn a shirt? I might burn a shirt, we'll see. But yeah, that's what you burn on a year.
3) What do you do for fun on p-day? P-day, we just usually go to the mall, and look at things we can't afford to buy. sometimes we play basketball. Just walk around and take pictures. nothing too exciting.
4) Do you ever get invited to eat at a member's home? we don't get invited very often. We have an appointment this week though, a lady invited us at church yesterday, but up till now, probably less than 5 times eating at member's houses in my mission.
Other than that, the week was hot, we did some contacting, but nothing really from it. Funny story from yesterday though, we were trying to get home after church ( I do the finances for the branch and we were trying to get to the bank, we had never been there before), we got on the wrong tramvai. This guy asked us who we were and we told him and gave him a Book of Mormon pass along card. Then we got off the tram not 3 minutes later to catch the right one. He actually called us today, and we're gonna meet with him either tomorrow or Wednesday, so that's awesome.
The other highlight was, one night we decided to go out contacting along the river. We ended up talking to these two old guys fishing. I asked them how it was going, and they said just alright. He had a couple like 5 inch long fish in his sack. They were using corn, straight from the cob.and catching carp with it. I'm not much one for carp. but they eat it all the time here in Romania. They asked us where we were from and stuff like that. One guy actually didn't have an arm. he was fishing one armed, and he spoke Russian. Lots of those people here, they were all forced to study Russian during communist times.

But, hopefully we'll get some lessons this week with this guy who called us, and we also have another kind of investigator who is out of town, so we are trying to touch base with him as well.

Me on the tracks near the train station

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