Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Another Encounter with the Law. . .

So. . .After having surgery on my collar bone for plate and screw placement, now we are finally up to date with the blog, and here is yesterday's news:
My questions to Austin:
1) Are you surviving the heat? It has been a scorcher here---today it's 105
2) What is the coolest site in Timisoara that you've seen so far?
3) Tell me about any lessons you or Elder R. taught this week.

Well, bionic collar bone I guess.
To answer the questions though. As for the heat, it cooled down, it didn't break 80 degrees this week, but its gonna head back up to the high 80s this coming week. So buckle up again after a relaxing. Coolest sight in Timisoara.... The entire city is just old style architecture, the locals tell me that it's all from the Austro-Hungarian Empire. So just the architecture in general is pretty cool. But, we did go inside the Orthodox Cathedral the other day. The one where the revolution started back in 1989. It looked just like the other ones I've been in, bu it's just a more famous, and big one. And as for the last question, we had a lesson scheduled this week, but he called us an hour before and cancelled. And we were at zone conference for 2 days, so we were out of the city. So no lessons this week.

We had an experience this week with the police (again). We were handing out English cards in Centru, actually, we weren't even doing that, we were just sitting on a wall. The cop came up and told me we need to have permission to hand stuff out. I told him we were just resting and we were gonna start walking around again in a few minutes. He said OK fine, but you can't hand stuff out here. We just said OK and kept about our business sitting on the wall. Then, our two new missionaries, got into a discussion with a Pentacostal guy. Elder G. and I were watching from afar. It was getting about that time to leave, so we went over to tell them, and that's when the cops came again. we weren't even handing out anything, just talking to this guy. They wrote up Elder G. and gave him a warning. So, we are gonna go to the town hall and see if it really is illegal. So that's the funny story of the week.

As I said, we were at zone conference in Arad on Thursday and Friday of last week. We stayed in a hotel and had the meeting on Friday, about all day. it was good, the emphasis was making our English classes effective finding tools, and using the Book of Mormon more in our contacting.

We got to have a little fun on Saturday. One of my old friends, Vlad, from Oradea, came down to play laser tag and soccer with us. The reason was, we have a young member here who is thinking about going to EFY in Germany, but he's not gonna know anyone, so he was saying he wasn't gonna go. So, Elder H. (branch president), organized a day for his chaperone (Vlad, from Oradea) to come down, and we all played soccer, got lunch and played laser tag. It was fun, we got to all get together, and I got to hangout with Vlad, haven't seen him since my 3rd transfer. we are super good friends. But anyways, he's going with the people from Romania to Germany as a chaperone at EFY. So that was Saturday.

We watched the Work of Salvation Broadcast at church on Sunday, you should watch that if you haven't super good stuff about missionary work. My wrists hurt. That's all till next week.

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