Tuesday, 2 July 2013

It's Hot in Romania Also!

So---I broke my clavicle which has slowed my update of the blog.
Here is the update from June 18, 2013:
Me and my new companion, Elder Reed
Broken clavicle eh? I heard a statistic once that the clavicle is the bone in your body that is easiest to break. Interesting, I've had a ton of friends break theirs. Say hello to that sling again, blow off the dust and get comfortable in it I suppose.

This week was kind of slow. We had to go down to Bucharest for transfers. I got a new companion fresh from the MTC. His name is Elder Reed, from Idaho, we get along great so far. We are super similar in tons of ways. But anyways. I have a funny story for the week. We were in the huge mall in Bucharest, and I was looking for a side bag to buy. I go in this store, find the one I like, and buy it. I proceed to walk out of the store, and a few paces outside the door, this girl comes up behind me, and snatches the bag out of my hands. I turned to her and she told me that I stole the bag. I said no, I have the receipt right here. I showed it to her, and she didn't think it was good enough or something like that. I then said, "let's go talk to the guy at the desk who sold it to me" we walk in the store, not 5 steps, she holds up the bag and the receipt to the guy at the counter, and he just gives her the nod. She then turned around, pushed the bag back into my hands, and said sorry (in English) and we left. I was accused of being a thief. Who would have guessed.

Also, I got the package you sent. we were walking into the mission office Wednesday, and the post lady came and handed us the mail for the office. My package slip was in there. So I went to the post office in Bucharest and picked it up. Thanks for the memory card. The hi chews are almost gone and it's only been 3 days....... Appreciate it.

We got back Friday morning, after a long, very hot train ride. The train was basically sold out, so we had 6 people with a billion and a half suitcases in one cabin (i'll attach a picture). It was a long night. But we got in on Friday, got settled in, I taught institute and we called it a night. We were supposed to have a lesson Saturday, but he didn't show up. Sunday was HOT. all the new missionaries bore their testimonies, they speak better than I did right after the MTC. It's supposed to be over 90 every day this week, with humidity. Pray for some thunderstorms. I need the rain back to cool this place down. till next week.
Tower of Suitcases in our cabin on the train

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