Tuesday, 1 July 2014

He's Home!

The Phelps Family Together Again!

Elder Phelps arrived home on Wednesday, June 25!  He had a direct flight from Paris, France (which they almost missed because the flight from Bucharest was an hour late!).  Consequently, his luggage didn't arrive with him.
Gavin and Jensen waiting in the airport with signs and balloons
It was so exciting to see him walk through the airport door and I hugged him and kissed his cheek.  I didn't want to let him go!  After hugs and welcome home wishes from family and friends: Derk and I, Amy, Jensen, and Gavin, Grandma Phelps, Grandma and Grandpa Dickerson, Stacy and Bryce and Austin's best friend, Carson, we were off to lunch at Chick-Fil-A.  That was the first thing Austin wanted to eat when he got back to America!
Mom hugs her son!

Little sister gets a hug from big brother.
Marisol, Kaden, Kiara, Sairi and Drake met us a Chick-Fil-A -- we went to the new one in Centerville since Austin had never been there.  He enjoyed his number 2 combo with a large lemonade and we headed for home.  Lonnie's family had been to the house and put up a "welcome home" sign on the porch in addition to the "Welcome Home" sign we had hung in the window.

When Austin came into the house he said, "It looks so big!"  We had completely remodeled the kitchen/living room area and opened it up while he was gone.  He took everything in for a few minutes and unloaded a few things from his carry on that he had brought back.  Then, it was down to his room (or as Carson called it, "the man cave.")  I made him a quilt out of his soccer and school T-shirts and jerseys.

He spent the rest of the evening unpacking boxes in his room and putting things away (Jensen had occupied his room while he was gone).  His bags finally arrived at 11 PM the next day!

It's so good to have him home!  His mission report will be on July 13th at 9 AM.
Austin and Grandma Phelps
Grandma and Grandpa Dickerson with Austin

Austin and the two other missionaries from Romania who came home on the same flight:
 Elder Carson Lybbert and Sister Amrie Stapley

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