Wednesday, 28 May 2014

On Sunday We Got to Take a Little Roadtrip

Not much new (you guessed it! ha). The week was just the usual. On Sunday, we did get to take a little road trip. A senior couple who had been serving in Ploiesti went home, and they couldn't fit all of their bags in the member's car who drove them down here to Bucharest to their hotel. So we drove up there in the van and picked up the rest of the bags. It's only about 64 kilometers, but they don't have freeways like we have, the roads between cities are more like our highways, and the speed limits are 40 km/hr going through a town and no more than 80 between them. It took us about an hour both ways. It was a nice drive. Then the next morning we got up way early to get them to the airport. Of course it was crowded. I have never been to the airport on Monday morning, but it was packed. And all of their bags were a bit heavy. So they had to do the balancing act to get them all right. And the flight was full so they had to check their carry on bags as well. Every bag was about a kilogram over weight, but we got lucky and had a nice lady at the check in counter. After they pulled some books from their suitcases to their hand bags, they made it. The guy was an inventor/business man that made bookoo bucks inventing farm machinery that packages hay, then exporting said hay to Japan and Taiwan. Interesting business, even more interesting guy.
 Here's a sunset picture Elder R. took of me from the office balcony.

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