Wednesday, 5 March 2014

The Joys of Office Life

Sounds like Austin has run into a snag or two this week working in the office.  He is getting good practice with problem solving skills!  Here's his update this week:

Not much is new. We have just barely got a sister here from Mexico a couple weeks ago, and us being the office elders, we have to do all her residence permit stuff. The initial thought was, based on what we found out, she just does everything the same as an American citizen would. We get to the immigration office, and turns out, it's pretty different. She has to have a special visa, that's an actual sticker in her passport in order to apply. And she can only get said sticker at a Romanian embassy. Yup, she has to go to Budapest to apply and then come back, then go back and pick it up. Nuts. And, she has to send documents home that allow her parents to obtain her criminal record for her and then have that sent to her here. It's a bit of a mess. We're slowly learning more and more though. Joys of the office life.

Also, we went to apply for some more permits with the new senior couple today, only to find out that part of the process has changed on us. The deal is you have to have some sort of health insurance when you apply for your permit, then you get long term insurance after you receive the permit. When we got to the insurance office, they told us that they don't give it anymore. So that threw a wrench in our plans. So now we have to get private insurance in order to apply, then long term insurance after they receive the permits.

That's basically the fun for the week.

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