Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Sometimes Translating Gives Me a Headache!

Nothing really new in the office. We got put in a threesome companionship again, which I'm not too excited about. But we found out today that he'll be leaving to go with someone else on Wednesday. And church was yesterday... haha. But it was long...... Sometimes they don't always stay on topic and they talk about stuff that doesn't necessarily apply. Sometimes I translate, but I dodged it this week. It gives me a headache haha.

I'm not sure when our clocks change here, sometime. We asked one of the members the other day, and he didn't know. We are thinking it's the last Sunday in March. We'll see though. It's real crazy that Carson is done. Seems like I watched him walk into the airport just yesterday. Weird how time works. I just have a touch over 3 months.

Nothing's really changed here in the office. I'm sure you've figured it out already, but it's pretty much the same drill here. Just taking care of the mail, visas, and whatever else could possibly go wrong. I did write a big chunk of something I could put in my homecoming talk during sacrament meeting this week, I felt pretty productive after that.. haha. We're still working on getting the Mexican sister's visa. There is lots of paperwork to gather, and when we have it all, we're putting her and her companion on a train to Budapest to apply at the Romanian Embassy there.

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