Monday, 20 August 2012

New MTC Photos!

We got some photos from Austin at the MTC today!  He looks like he's having a good time with the other missionaries. . .
Me and the crew at the map Left to Right: Marc Berbert (Thailand), Tanner Huff (Nicaragua), John Bills (Chile), Bryant Dixon (Chile), Bryan Nance (South Africa), Me (Romania) -- All Davis County area friends that went to Viewmont.
 Me with Bryan Nance and John Bills 
 Me and Edgar Reynoso (Rage soccer team mate)
 Everyone in the MTC going to Romania
 Me and Nance the night before he left
 Romanian speaking missionaries at the map
 This is how I study Romanian grammar--note cards in the bed springs ---that's how you learn! (Who knew
Austin's handwriting could be so good!)
 Me and Sister Petrisor (one of our teachers)
 Our District on Sister Petrisor's last day of teaching
 Our Romanian Flag has sleeves. . .
 So it's fun to wear!
 Me and Elder Koniez (cone-etz).  He's from Frankfurt, Germany.  We play soccer together @ gym time.
Me and Christian Keddington, he's tall! (soccer buddy)

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