Saturday, 4 August 2012

3+ Weeks in the MTC

Austin says he's doing well and learning the Romanian language and having some good teaching experiences where the Spirit has been strong.  He has Derk on a extensive search for a dictionary and verb conjugation book written by a native Romanian--it hasn't been an easy find! He said the elders in his room have been sick this past week so they have skipped gym to rest and such.  Hopefully, they are all feeling better.  Austin gets along well with his companion and says he is very driven---studying all of the time (even when they are eating!)  They went to the Provo temple last week and he said it was awesome.
We sent him the Sunday newspaper last week and he was grateful.  He said, "The US president could die and I wouldn't know until I leave this place on Sept. 10!"  I miss having him here to keep me completely updated on the happenings of the Olympics as he has done in past years!  We are anxiously awaiting more news and will update as is it available.

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  1. He will find the best dictionaries in Romania. He may even find electonic pocket translators.