Tuesday, 1 April 2014

I'm the New Mission Financial Secretary in Training!

Not much new here in the office, just one thing. I might be in here till the end of my mission. Our office couple is leaving in may, and there are no replacements. So, I am new mission financial secretary in training! haha. They are going to try to get someone here so I can go out of the office for my last transfer, but as of now, they have nobody. So I could be here for awhile yet. So we have another elder coming in tomorrow, and we'll start with the threesome companionship thing again.

But this week is transfer week, we have 2 new people coming in. So this week will probably give me less gray hair than other transfer weeks and I might actually get some sleep. As for this past week, we were in the immigration office one day with the new senior couple who arrived in January, we stayed in line there for 3 hours. Talk about packed, we went towards the end of open hours to try to dodge the crowd. yeah. wrong. But we finally made it up to the front and got their work done. Also we ate at the hard rock cafe too. I dunno if you remember him, but my 3rd companion, Elder M., went home last week. He's the one who came out, and went home for back surgery, then came back out. Him and another person in his group (who also went home in the middle of his mission for surgery) chose the Hard Rock as their last meal with president. Always good to have a great burger, though I'm really excited to have an Apollo burger when I get home. Though I think my first meal will be Chick Fil A. (That should be easy since they just opened a Chick Fil A in Centerville!)

We played basketball and soccer in the park for quite awhile today, the weather has been great. No signs of snow here at all. We had an activity at the church, where we were supposed to be learning how to cook Korean food (a Korean family just moved in to the branch across, the dad apparently works for the Korean space agency? So they organized a "learn how to cook Korean food night), but there wasn't enough room in the kitchen, so most of us elders played soccer.

That's about it for the week though!

Soccer in the park (in missionary attire)

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