Thursday, 30 May 2013

Rainy in Romania Too!

Not much new to report. we had a good week all planned out, then nobody answered their phones at all! Kind of frustrating. We also had a lesson set up, but when we got there, they cancelled on us right as we were standing on the door step.

The weather this week was pretty crazy. It just dumped rain on us yesterday. So much water so fast it was nuts.
me at the bus stop in the pouring rain.
I had to speak in sacrament meeting yesterday too. It went well. I was actually scheduled to speak last week, but like I said, someone else took too much time. I spoke about love and service, and the importance of doing both at the same time. And I'm the finances guy out here in Timisoara as well, so I am still doing the same things every Sunday as I was in Sibiu.
We have, or had, a baptismal date with this 16 year old kid, but we haven't been able to talk to him all week, so he's supposed to get baptized on saturday, but it's probably not gonna happen. Everyone was just avoiding the calls this week. And we were busy with finalizing the contract for the new apartment as well. The sisters are going to move in tomorrow or the next day hopefully though. It's a super nice apartment that is actually 2 stories tall! Haha but it was in the church bugdet.

Oh, and I did an exchange with our zone leaders out in Arad. It poured rain on us out there too. But it was fun. I was with another elder, he's the red head in the picture. They had a baptism in arad last week, but they don't have a font. So we had to pack up the one here and take it to the train station with them. We just walked through the streets and on the tram and into the gara.
Carrying the font from Timisoara to Arad
Kinda short for the week. We are going over to the senior couples house today for dinner, so that should be good.

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